Preprint 2005-021

Visual Simulation of Shallow-Water Waves

T.R. Hagen, J. M. Hjelmervik, K-A. Lie, J.R. Natvig, and M. Ofstad Henriksen

Abstract: A commodity-type graphics card (GPU) is used to simulate nonlinear water waves described by a system of balance laws called the shallow-water system. To solve this hyperbolic system we use explicit high-resolution central-upwind schemes, which are particularly well suited for exploiting the parallel processing power of the GPU. In fact, simulations on the GPU are found to run 15--30 times faster than on a CPU. The simulated cases involve dry-bed zones and non-trivial bottom topographies, which are real challenges to the robustness and accuracy of the discretization.

Available as PDF (312 Kbytes).
Trond Runar Hagen, <>
Jon Mikkelsen Hjelmervik, <>
Knut-Andreas Lie, <>
Jostein R. Natvig, <>
Martin Ofstad Henriksen, <>
Publishing information:
Accepted in Simulation Practice and Theory Journal: Special Issue on Programmable Graphics Hardware, Elsevier, June 2005.
We have also written a more introductory paper. For more information on GPU, see
Submitted by:
<> May 13 2005. Revised September 8 2005.

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