Preprint 2005-025

A Direct Eulerian GRP Scheme for Compressible Fluid Flows

Matania Ben-Artzi, Jiequan Li, and Gerald Warnecke

Abstract: A direct Eulerian generalized Riemann problem (GRP) scheme is derived for compressible fluid flows. Riemann invariants are introduced as the main ingredient to resolve the generalized Riemann problem (GRP) directly for the Eulerian formulation. The crucial auxiliary Lagrangian scheme in the original GRP scheme is not necessary in the present framework. The delicate sonic cases can be easily treated and the extension to multidimensional cases is straightforward.

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Matania Ben-Artzi, <>
Jiequan Li, <>
Gerald Warnecke, <Gerald.Warnecke@Mathematik.Uni-Magdeburg.DE>
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<> May 24 2005.

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