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Preprint 2006-030

A second-order BGK scheme for the equations of radiation hydrodynamics

Song Jiang and Wenjun Sun

Abstract: We present a second-order BGK scheme for the equations of multidimensional radiation hydrodynamics (RHE) in zero diffusion limit by using the generalized Maxwellian in [Tang and Wu; doi:10.1016/S0045-7930(99)00042-0] and the second-order BGK scheme for the Euler equations in [Xu, Prendergast; doi:10.1006/jcph.1993.1198, VKI LS 1998-03]. This extends a (first-order) kinetic flux vector splitting scheme (KFVS) for RHE in [Tang and Wu] to a second-order BGK scheme. Several one- and two-dimensional numerical examples demonstrate improvement of the scheme in accuracy and resolution compared with the KFVS scheme in [Tang and Wu] and the first-order BGK scheme.

Available as PDF (744 Kbytes).
Song Jiang,
Wenjun Sun,
Publishing information:
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; 2006-08-18.