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Preprint 2007-030

On admissibility criteria for weak solutions of the Euler equations

Camillo De Lellis and László Székelyhidi

Abstract: We consider solutions to the Cauchy problem for the incompressible Euler equations satisfying several additional requirements, like the global and local energy inequalities. Using some techniques introduced in an earlier paper we show that, for some bounded compactly supported initial data, none of these admissibility criteria singles out a unique weak solution.

As a byproduct we show bounded initial data for which admissible solutions to the p-system of isentropic gas dynamics in Eulerian coordinates are not unique in more than one space dimension.

Available as PDF (374 Kbytes).
Camillo De Lellis,
László Székelyhidi
Publishing information:
The paper is also available as arXiv:0712.3288v1 [math.AP].
Submitted by:
; 2007-12-27.