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Preprint 2009-043

Hierarchical reconstruction with up to second degree remainder for solving nonlinear conservation laws

Yingjie Liu, Chi-Wang Shu and Zhiliang Xu

Abstract: The hierarchical reconstruction (HR) [Liu, Shu, Tadmor and Zhang, SINUM '07] can effectively reduce spurious oscillations without local characteristic decomposition for numerical capturing of discontinuous solutions. However, there are still small remaining overshoots/undershoots in the vicinity of discontinuities. HR with partial neighboring cells [Xu, Liu and Shu, JCP '09] essentially overcomes this drawback for the third order case, and in the mean time further improves the resolution of the numerical solution. Extending the technique to higher order cases we observe the returning of overshoots/undershoots. In this paper, we introduce a new technique to work with HR on partial neighboring cells, which lowers the order of the remainder while maintaining the theoretical order of accuracy, essentially eliminates overshoots/undershoots for the fourth and fifth order cases (in one dimensional numerical examples) and reduces the numerical cost.

Available as PDF (345 Kbytes).
Yingjie Liu,
Chi-Wang Shu,
Zhiliang Xu,
Publishing information:
Submitted to Nonlinearity
Submitted by:
; 2009-08-01.