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Differential Equations in Theory and Applications

Spring term 2009

The topic is differential equations (both partial and ordinary differential equations).

Unless otherwise noted, talks are Wednesdays, 14:15–15:00 in room 734, S-2.

No further seminars have been scheduled yet. Please come back later.

2009-01-21 Peter Lindqvist Sharp Decay of Solutions to some Singular and Degenerate Diffusion Equations
2009-02-04 Ashenef Tesfahun Regularity results for the Dirac–Klein–Gordon equations
2009-02-18 Piero D'Ancona Smoothing and Strichartz estimates for dispersive equations with variable coefficients
Abstract: Dispersive properties of constant coefficient equations (wave, Schrödinger, Klein–Gordon, Dirac etc.) have a key role in the study of nonlinear problems, and it is an important question to extend them to more general cases: electromagnetic potentials, variable coefficients, equations on manifolds. In the talk I will review a few results obtained by our group in this direction, including dispersive, smoothing and Strichartz estimates for the wave and Dirac equations perturbed with singular electromagnetic potentials, and local Strichartz estimates for unbounded lower order perturbations (joint works with L.Fanelli, V.Pierfelice, F.Ricci, L.Vega, N.Visciglia).
2009-03-04 Sigmund Selberg Global well-posedness of the Maxwell–Klein–Gordon system
Peter Lindqvist Regularity Theory: the Moser iteration in the simplest possible case
The regularity theory for elliptic and parabolic equations appears, as it were, as a ferocious jungle of estimates and parameters. There are many text books about this, but I will write down only the most transparent case, so that the “mechanism” in Moser's celebrated method becomes accessible. – There is nothing for the experts to be offered.


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