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Differential Equations in Theory and Applications

Fall term 2006

The topic is differential equations (both partial and ordinary differential equations).

Unless otherwise noted, talks are Fridays, 14:15–16:00 in room 1329, S-2.

The term has ended, and further seminars are not likely.

Gunnar Taraldsen Reflection of Spherical Waves (abstract)
Peter Lindqvist Lower semicontinuous viscosity supersolutions of some quasilinear equations (abstract)
Vegard R. Stenerud Adaptive Multiscale Streamline Simulation and Inversion for High-Resolution Geomodels (abstract).
Yurii Lyubarskii Direct and inverse scattering problem for multi-channel scattering
(Abstract: We study scattering problem for a system which consists of a finite number of semi-infinite channels connected through a bounded scatterer. This is a joint work with V. Marchneko.)
Francesco Fassò Noetherian first integrals of nonholonomic systems
(Abstract: The relation between symmetries and conserved quantities for nonholonomic mechanical systems is not yet well understood. We review the problem and describe some recent results, focusing on the question of the (non)existence of first integrals which, like the standard momentum map for the holonomic case, have the ‘Noetherian’ property, that is, they are first integrals of any nonholonomic system with invariant Hamiltonian.)
Sheehan Olver Multivariate highly oscillatory integration
(Abstract: The aim of this talk is to describe several methods for numerically approximating the integral of a multivariate highly oscillatory function. We begin with a review of the asymptotic and Filon-type methods developed by Iserles and Nørsett. Using a method developed by Levin as a point of departure we will construct a new method that uses the same information as a Filon-type method, and obtains the same asymptotic order, while not requiring moments. This allows us to integrate over nonsimplicial domains, and with complicated oscillators.)
Darko Mitrovic Formation and interaction of nonlinear waves in the framework of the weak asymptotic method (abstract)
Michel Rascle Some mathematical problems arising in the modeling of traffic flow. (abstract)

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