TMA4305 Partial Differential Equations – Spring 2008
TMA4305 Partial Differential Equations

Spring 2008

  • Exam May 27: Problems and solutions.

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    Lecturer: Espen R. Jakobsen
    Office:  1148, SB 2.
    Email:     erj [at]
    Lectures: Thursday    12:15 - 14:00   F3.
    Friday         10:15 - 12:00   F6.
    Tentative calendar
    Problem sessions: Tuesday      16:15 - 17:00   F4.

  • Previous problems and selected solutions
  • About the course: A Partial Differential Equation is an equation involving a function of several variables and its partial derivatives. Many natural laws come in the form of partial differential equations. These equations are important in natural sciences, engineering diciplines, finance, and pure mathematics. The course aims at giving the student a good understanding of the basic methods and fundamental theories of this interesting field of mathematical analysis.
    Textbook: Robert C. McOwen: Partial Differential Equations: Methods and Applications, Second Edition. Prentice Hall, 2003.
    Final syllabus:
    Chp. 1 1.1a,b,c,d; 1.2
    Chp. 2 2.1a,b (minus Example 2, pp. 45-46); 2.2a,b,c; 2.3a,c,d
    Chp. 3 3.1a,d; 3.2; 3.3; 3.4
    Chp. 4 4.1b,c,d; 4.2a,b,c,d,e,f; 4.3a,b,c; 4.4a,b
    Chp. 5 5.1a,b; 5.2:a,b,d (in 5.2.d we skip Theorem 2); 5.3:a,b
    Chp. 66.1 a, b, c, d (in 6.1.d we skip Theorem 2 and Corollary); 6.2 a, c, d;
    6.3 a (skip Example 2, Theorem 1), b (skip weak star convergence), c (only Corollary);
    6.5 b (only Corollary A, B), c (only Corollary A), d (only Lemma 1, Corollary)
    Chp. 7   7.1 a, b, c, d
    Solutions to all exercise sets.
    Tiltaksuker: Problems for tiltaksuker: Problems, solutions

    There will be no midterm exam!

    Exam: 27.05.2008 (4 hours), written, counts 100% grade.
  • Calculator HP 30S
  • Rottmann: Matematisk formelsamling.
  • One sheet of A4 paper stamped by the math. deptartment, on which you can write what you want (must be handwritten by you). You can get this from the department office on the 7th floor of SB2.
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  • Two old exams with solutions.