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TMA4135 - Mathematics 4D for fak. E7, F2, S.
Fall 2004


Messages: 11.10Remember to bring your "studiebevis/semesterkort" to the Midterm exam.

11.10The Midterm exam will be held Saturday October 16 at 10 AM. The test takes place in the S-auditoriums.

Last name Auditorium
A-K S7
L-T S8
U-Aa S4

The test lasts 90 minutes. It is a multiple choice test with 10 problems. Each problem has 4 different answers.. Click here for information (Norwegian) and read it in advance. Remember to bring a blue or black ball point pen. A pencil simply will not do!

05.10On the midterm you will be asked about everything treated in the lectures before the break of weak 41, together with problem sets 1 - 6.
Consult the plan from week 34 to and including week 40.

Lecturer: (mathematics) Finn Knudsen, room 1252, Sentralbygg II, phone. 73593523.
e-mail: finn.knudsen(a)math.ntnu.no
Office hours:
Lecturer: (numerics) Håvard Berland, room 1304, Sentralbygg II, phone. 73593527.
e-mail:  havard.berland(a)math.ntnu.no
Office hours:
Master student assistant: Per Mathias Nedrebø,  e-mail:  nedrebo(a)fysmat.ntnu.no
Office hours:
Reference group: André Kristianslund,   epost:  andrehen(a)stud.ntnu.no         MTDT
Mari K. Leite,           epost:  mariklok(a)stud.ntnu.no      MTKOM
Siri Skaaland,           epost:  siriska(a)stud.ntnu.no           MTKOM
Lectures: Tuesday      14:15 - 16:00   R7.               Plan
Thursday     15:15 - 17:00   S3.
Problem sessions: Monday     15:15 - 17:00   ELROM.       Information
Textbook: Erwin Kreyszig, Advanced Engineering Mathematics, 8. utgave.
Preliminary syllabus: kap. 5.1-5.7 (The Laplace transform.)
kap. 8.8-8.9 and Appendix A3.2. (Partial derivatives.)
kap. 10.1-10.5, 10.7-10.8, 10.10 (Fourier series, Fourier integral and The Fourier transform.)
kap. 11.1-11.3, 11.5-11.6 (Partial differential equations.)
kap. 17.1-17.3, 17.5 (General numerical methods.)
kap. 18.1-18.3 (Numeriscal linear algebra.)
kap. 19.1, 19.3-19.4, 19.6 (Numerical methods for ordinary and partial differential equations.)
Exam: December 17. 2004, written, 4 hours. The midterm-exam counts 20 %.
Old exams: Problem book
Exams with solutions
  • Newtons method for systems
  • Tips for integrating certain simple functions
  • Gauss-Seidel and Jacobi iteration in matlab
  • List of formulas following the exam problems
  • Useful information about HP30S
  • Lineære ordinære differensialligninger, generell teori
  • Praktisk løsning av enkle differensialligninger
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