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Preprint Series: Statistics, 2005.

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No. 1/2005:
Håvard Rue
Marginal Variances for Gaussian Markov Random Fields (pdf)
No. 2/2005:
Hanne T. Wist & Håvard Rue
Specifying a Gaussian Markov random field by a sparse Cholesky triangle (pdf)
No. 3/2005:
Nial Friel & Håvard Rue
Recursive computing for Markov random fields (pdf)
No. 4/2005:
Gunnar Taraldsen & Bo Henry Lindqvist
The Multiple Roots Simulation Algorithm, the Inverse Gaussian Distribution, and the Suffcient Conditional Monte Carlo Method (pdf)
No. 5/2005:
Ole Petter Lødøen and Håkon Tjelmeland
Bayesian calibration of hydrocarbon reservoir models using an approximate reservoir simulator in the prior specification (pdf)
No. 6/2005:
Finn Lindgren & Håvard Rue
A note on the second order random walk model for irregular locations (pdf)
No. 7/2005
H. Rue and S. Martino
Approximate Inference for Hierarchical Gaussian Markov Random Fields Models (pdf)
No. 8/2005
Hugo Hammer and Håkon Tjelmeland
Control variates for the Metropolis-Hastings algorithm (pdf, ps)
No. 9/2005
Ingelin Steinsland and Håvard Rue
Collapsed Blocks Approximations (pdf)
No. 10/2005
Ingelin Steinsland and Henrik Jensen
Making Inference from Bayesian Animal Models utilising Gaussian Markov Random Field properties (pdf)

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