TMA4265 Stokastiske metoder

TMA4250 Spatial Statistics

Spring 2016

* Beskjeder
* Faginformasjon
* Forelesningsplan
* Gamle eksamener
* Pensum
* Referansegruppe
* Relatert litterartur
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Course information

  • Lecturer:
  • Teaching Assistant:
  • Course schedule:
    • Lectures/Problem support:
      • Mondays kl 1215-1400 Room B23 Berg Building
      • Thursdays kl 1215-1400 Room B23 Berg Building
      • Fridays kl 1215-1400 Room KJL21 Kjelhuset

  • Organization: The Course consists of three Units. Each Unit contains a lecture part followed by a Problem Set part.

  • Course material: The Curriculum is primarily defined by copies of lecture notes and articles from journals and books. All previous exams are also a part of the Curriculum.

  • Evaluation:
    • Problem sets: All three Problem sets must be delivered and accepted, and one self-selected, revised Problem set counts 30% of the Grade.
    • Exam: Friday May 27. 2016 final, four-hour, written Exam counts 70% of the Grade.
    • Exam support - Code C:
      • Tabeller og formler i statistikk, Tapir Forlag.
      • NTNU-certified calculator.
      • One yellow A5-sheet with IMF-stamp containing personal hand-written formulas and notes.