TMA4265 Stokastiske prosesser

TMA4250 Spatial Statistics

Spring 2016

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Problem Sets

  • Three mandatory Problem sets - one for each Unit - see below.

  • The Problem sets shall be solved and reported individually or in groups of two - groups of three must be accepted by the Lecturer.

  • The Problem sets shall be completed on your personal computers or on IMFs Computer labs .

  • The Problem sets are designed for learning the Program package R - but you are free to use other software - like for example Matlab - if you so wish.

  • The Problem reports shall be made with estetic lay-out and explain what you have done with relevant figures - discussions of findings shall also be included. Also copy of your computer code shall be included in Enclosure.

  • The Problem report shall be delivered with names - no student number. You will have your Problem reports returned with approximate grade-level indicated - and with suggestions for improvements.

  • One self-selected, revised Problem report shall be delivered during the day of the Exam - group members can deliver identical reports - but need to send one copy each with their repective exam candidate number - no name. This report counts 30% of the Grade.

  • Alle Problem reports - also the revised Exam report - shall be sent electronically to the Teaching Assistant.

  • Problem sets:

    Problem set no. Problem set Data files Dead line for delivery
    pdf topo.dat
    February 26. 2016
    kl 1300
    pdf cells.dat
    April 08. 2016
    kl 1300
    pdf seismic.dat
    May 06. 2016
    kl 1300