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Preprint series: Mathematics

From 1999 on, the faculty members of the mathematics group have stopped using the preprint series. Instead, they publish preprints on their personal web pages or on other preprint servers.


No. 6/1998:
Alan Forrest, John Hunton and Johannes Kellendonk:
Projection quasicrystals I: Toral rotations
No. 3/1998:
K. Hvistendahl Karlsen, K.-A. Lie and N. H. Risebro:
A front tracking method for conservation laws with boundary conditions
No. 1/1998:
Alan Forrest:
Cohomology of ordered Bratteli diagrams


No. 17/1997:
Knut-Andreas Lie:
A dimensional splitting method for nonlinear equations with variable coefficients
No. 16/1997:
Knut-Andreas Lie:
Front tracking for one-dimensional nonlinear advection equations with variable coefficients
No. 15/1997:
Allan Forrest:
A Bratteli diagram for commuting homeomorphisms of the Cantor set (NEW VERSION)
No. 14/1997:
Mikael Rørdan and Jesper Villadsen:
On the ordered K_0-group of universal free product C*-algebras
No. 13/1997:
Alf B. Rustad:
Unbounded quasi-integrals
No. 12/1997:
Johan F. Aarnes and Alf B. Rustad:
Probability and quasi-measures, a new interpretation
No. 11/1997:
Christian Skau:
Orbit structure of topological dynamical systems and its invariants
No. 10/1997:
Richard Gjerde and Ørjan Johansen:
C^*-algebras associated to non-homogenous minimal systems and their K-theory
No. 9/1997:
Dieter Happel and Inger H. Slungård:
One-point extensions of hereditary algebras
No. 8/1997:
Green, Martinez-Villa, Reiten, Solberg, and Zacharia:
On modules with linear presentations
No. 7/1997:
Johan Aarnes and Gunnar Taraldsen:
Image transformations in topological spaces
No. 6/1997:
Idun Reiten:
Homological properties of almost split sequences
No. 5/1997:
Ole Enge:
Quasitilted triangular algebras
No. 4/1997:
Magnus B. Landstad:
Quantizations of groups and homogenous spaces
No. 3/1997:
Sverre Smalø:
The supremum of the difference between the big and little finistic dimensions is infinite
No. 2/1997:
Aslak Buan and Øyvind Solberg:
Relativ cotilting theory and almost complete cotilting modules
No. 1/1997:
Lars Kadison:


No. 8/1996:
Kristin M. Flornes:
Sampling and interpolation in the Paley-Wiener spaces, L^p_\pi, 0<p<= 1
No. 7/1996:
Gunnar Taraldsen:
No. 6/1996:
Gunnar Taraldsen:
Random sets and spectra of closed random operators
No. 5/1996:
Idun Reiten:
Old and recent work with Maurice
No. 4/1996:
Magnus Landstad and Ian Raeburn:
Equivariant deformations of homogenous spaces
No. 3/1996:
Knut-Andreas Lie, Vidar Haugse, and Kenneth Hvistendahl Karlsen:
Dimensional splitting with front tracking and adaptive grid refinement
No. 2/1996:
Dieter Happel and Idun Reiten:
An introduction to quasitilted algebras
No. 1/1996:
Johan F. Aarnes:
Quasi-measures and partitions in locally compact spaces


No. 10/1995:
Gunnar Taraldsen:
Image-transformations and quasi-measures on locally compact spaces
No. 9/1995:
Edward L. Green, E. N. Marocs, and Øyvind Solberg:
Representation and gradings of Hopf algebras
No. 8/1995:
Gerhard Michler and Øyvind Solberg:
The representation-finite symmetric algebras with liftable simple modules
No. 7/1995:
Kari Hag and Per Hag:
Bounded John disks and the logarithmic derivative
No. 6/1995:
Lisa Lorentzen:
Asymptotic behavior of solutions of linear recurrence relations
No. 5/1995:
Eivind Coward:
Equivalence of two Fourier methods for biological sequences
No. 4/1995:
Johan F. Aarnes:
Quasi-measures in locally compact spaces
No. 3/1995:
Gunnar Taraldsen:
Measurability of Intersections of measurable multifunctions
No. 2/1995:
Idun Reiten:
Homological theory of Noetherian rings
No. 1/1995:
Idun Reiten and Maurice Auslander:
Syzygy modules for Noetherian rings


No. 17/1994:
Lisa Lorentzen:
A convergence question inspired by Stieltjes and by value sets in continued fraction theory
No. 16/1994:
M. Auslander and I. Reiten:
D Tr.-periodic modules and functors
No. 15/1994:
E. L. Green and Ø. Solberg:
Basic Hopf algebras and quantum groups
No. 14/1994:
Gunnar Taraldsen:
Uncountable intersections of random sets
No. 13/1994:
O. Kerner and M. Takane:
Mono orbits, epi orbits and elementary vertices of representation infinite quivers
No. 12/1994:
Lisa Lorentzen:
Choosing approximants for limit periodic continued fractions
No. 11/1994:
Lisa Lorentzen:
Removing conditions in a parabola theorem for continued fractions
No. 10/1994:
Lisa Lorentzen:
Continued compositions of linear fractional transformations
No. 9/1994:
Lisa Lorentzen:
Perturbations of linear recurrence relations
No. 8/1994:
Lisa Lorentzen:
Asymptotic behavior of solutions of threeterm Poincaré difference equations with applications to orthogonal polynomials and continued fractions
No. 7/1994:
Dieter Happel, Idun Reiten and Sverre Smalø:
Piecewise hereditary algebras
No. 6/1994:
Magnus B. Landstad:
Quantization arising from abelian subgroups
No. 5/1994:
Dieter Happel, Idun Reiten and Sverre Smalø:
Tilting in abelian categories and quasitilted algebras
No. 4/1994:
Svein Arne Sikko and Sverre Smalø:
Coherent rings and homologically finite subcategories
No. 3/1994:
Svein Arne Sikko:
Resolutions with sisyzyus
No. 2/1994:
Johan F. Aarnes:
Image transformation attractors and invariant non-subadditive measures
No. 1/1994:
Sverre Smalø:
Artin algebras with only preprojective or preinjective modules are of finite type


No. 11/1993:
I. Putnam and C. F. Skaug:
Topological orbit equivalence and C*-crossed products
No. 10/1993:
M. B. Landstad and I. Reaburn:
Twisted Dual-group Algebras: Equivariant deformations of C_u(G)
No. 9/1993:
M. B. Landstad:
Simplicity of crossed products from ergodic actions of compact matrix pseudogroups
No. 8/1993:
K. Hag, P. Hag and O. Martio:
Quasi similarities; definitions, stability and extension
No. 7/1993:
J. Aarnes:
Constructions on non-subadditive measures and discretization of Borel-measures
No. 6/1993:
A. Amdal and P. Hag:
On the norm of the logarithmic derivative and two model of the universal Teichmüller space
No. 5/1993:
L. Lorentzen:
A convergence property for sequences of linear fractional transformations
No. 4/1993:
L. Lorentzen:
Circular twin value sets for continued fractions and how they imply convergence
No. 3/1993:
D. Happel, I. Reiten and S. O. Smalø:
Quasitilted algebras
No. 2/1993:
M. Auslander and Ø. Solberg:
Relative homology
No. 1/1993:
Idun Reiten:


No. 20/1992:
Svein Arne Sikko:
Relativ homological dimension
No. 19/1992:
D. Happel, I. Reiten and S. O. Smalø:
Short cycles and science year modules
No. 18/1992:
Gunnar Taraldsen:
Lower Semicontinuity of the Spectrum for Normal Operators in the Lower Operator Topology
No. 17/1992:
Gunnar Taraldsen:
Discrete Schrödinger Operators and Bloch Theory
No. 16/1992:
Gunnar Taraldsen:
Lebesque-Hammer Decomposition of Random Measures
No. 15/1992:
Gunnar Taraldsen:
The discrete random multiplication operator
No. 14/1992:
M. Auslander and Ø. Solberg:
Gorenstein algebras and algebras with dominant dimension at least 1
No. 13/1992:
Gunnar Taraldsen:
Topologies and o-algebras on Power sets
No. 12/1992:
M. Auslander and I. Reiten:
R-Gorenstein Algebras and Sizygi Modules
No. 11/1992:
Lisa Lorentzen:
Properties of limit sets and convergence of continued fractions
No. 10/1992:
Gunnar Taraldsen:
The spectrum of transitive random operators
No. 9/1992:
Dieter Happel and Shiping Liu:
Module categories without short cycles are of finite type
No. 8/1992:
Separation of roots of orthogonal polynomials and the limiting shape of generic large young diagrams
No. 7/1992:
Lisa Lorentzen:
No. 6/1992:
Lisa Lorentzen:
Computations of hypergeometric functions by means of continued fractions
No. 5/1992:
Lisa Lorentzen:
Divergence of continued fractions related to hypergeometric series
No. 4/1992:
Kristian Seip:
On a theorem of Korenblum and zeros of functions
No. 3/1992:
Øyvind Solberg and Maurice Auslander:
Relative homology and representation theory ... III
No. 2/1992:
Øyvind Solberg and Maurice Auslander:
Relative homology and representation theory ... II
No. 1/1992:
Øyvind Solberg and Maurice Auslander:
Relative homology and ... I


No. 16/1991:
Kristian Seip:
Density theorems for sampling and interpolation in weighted Bergman spaces
No. 15/1991:
Helge Holden and Lars Holden:
Reservoir evaluation by stochastic partial differential equations
No. 14/1991:
Kristian Seip:
Bewling type density theorems in the unit disk
No. 13/1991:
Shiping Liu:
Deconected component of the Auslander/Reiten quiver of tilted algebra
No. 12/1991:
Shiping Liu:
Semi-Stable Components...
No. 11/1991:
Svein Arne Sikko and Sverre O. Smalø:
Extensions of homologically finite subcategories
No. 10/1991:
O. Bratteli and A. Kishimoto:
Non-commutative spheres III: Irrational rotations
No. 9/1991:
I. Reiten, A. Skowro'nski and S. Smalø:
Short chain and regular components
No. 8/1991:
D. S. Ding and Ø. Solberg
No. 7/1991:
I. Reiten and M. Auslander:
Homologically finite subcategories
No. 6/1991:
I. Reiten, A. Skowro'nski and S. Smalø:
Short shanes and short circles of modules
No. 5/1991:
Sverre Smalø:
Encoding over finite rings
No. 4/1991:
Haakon Waadeland:
A singularity result for separate convergence
No. 3/1991:
F. Gesztesy, H. Holden, Simon and Zhao:
On the Toda and Kac-van Moerbeke Systems
No. 2/1991:
Helge Holden and F. Gesztesy:
A new representation of solutions of the Kadomtsev-Petviashvili equation
No. 1/1991:
Ola Bratteli, George A. Elliott, David E. Evans and Akitaka Kishimoto:
On the clasification of inductive limits of inner actions of a compact group


No. 11/1990:
Maurics Auslander and Idun Reiten:
On the theorem of E. Green on the dual of the transpose
No. 10/1990:
Maurics Auslander and Idun Reiten:
Cohen-Macaulay and Gorenstein artin algebras
No. 9/1990:
Svein Sikko and Sverre O. Smalø:
A family of algebras with two simple modules and arbitrary global dimension
No. 8/1990:
Andrej Skowro'nski and Sverre O. Smalø:
Directing Modules
No. 7/1990:
Ola Bratteli and George A. Elliott:
An introduction to fractal C*-algebras
No. 6/1990:
Ola Bratteli, George A. Elliott and Akitaka Kishimoto:
Quasi-product actions of a compact group on a C*-algebra
No. 5/1990:
Bruce Blackadar, Ola Bratteli, George A. Elliott and Alexander Kumijan:
Reduction of real rank in indictive limits of C*-algebras
No. 4/1990:
Kristian Seip:
On certain irregular sampling formulas for bandlimited functions
No. 3/1990:
Helge Holden and Nils Henrik Risebro:
Stochastic properties of the scalar Buckley-Leverett equation
No. 2/1990:
Øyvind Solberg, Songqing Ding and Maurice Auslander:
Liftings and Weak Liftings of Modules
No. 1/1990:
Kristian Seip:
A class of analytic functions


No. 11/1989:
Finn F. Knudsen:
Topology and the construction of extremal quasi measures
No. 10/1989:
Øyvind Solberg:
Grothendieck Groups for Hypersurface Rings
No. 9/1989:
F. Gesztesy, H. Holden, E. Saab and B. Simon:
Explicit construction of solutions of the modified Kadomtsev-Petviashvili equation
No. 8/1989:
Idun Reiten and Maurice Auslander:
Applications of Contravariantly Finite Subcategories
No. 7/1989:
K. Igusa, G. Todorov and Sverre Smalø:
Finite Projectivity and Contravariant Finiteness
No. 6/1989:
Sverre Smalø:
Functional Finite Subcategories over Triangular Matrix Rings
No. 5/1989:
Ola Bratteli, George A. Elliott, David E. Evans and Akitaka Kishimoto:
Non-commutative Spheres II: Rational Rotations
No. 4/1989:
Kristian Seip:
Reproducing formulas and double orthogonality in Bargmann and Bergman spaces
No. 3/1989:
Ola Bratteli and Derek W. Robinson:
2nd order elliptic operators and heat kernel on Lie groups
No. 2/1989:
Kristian Seip:
Curves of maximum modules in coherent state representations
No. 1/1989:
Ola Bratteli, George A. Elliott, David E. Evans and Akitaka Kishimoto:
Finite groups actions on AF algebras obtained by folding the interval


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