Preprint series: Statistics.


No. 2/2015:
Evangelos Evangelou and Jo Eidsvik
The Value of Information for Correlated GLMs (pdf)
No. 1/2015:
Marie Lilleborge and Ragnar Hauge and Jo Eidsvik
Information Gathering in Bayesian Networks (pdf)


No. 4/2014:
Bo H. Lindqvist and Gunnhild H. Presthus
Failure prediction from condition monitoring of complex systems (pdf)
No. 3/2014:
Bo H. Lindqvist and Francisco J. Samaniego
On the Stochastic Domination of Systems of Different Sizes, with Applications to Reliability Economics (pdf)
No. 2/2014:
Bo H. Lindqvist, Francisco J. Samaniego and Arne B. Huseby
On the equivalence of systems of different sizes (pdf)
No. 1/2014:
Zeytu Gashaw Asfaw and Henning Omre
Localized/shrinkage Kriging predictors (pdf)


No. 8/2013:
Thiago G. Martins and Håvard Rue
Prior for flexibility parameters: the Student’s t case (pdf)
No. 7/2013:
Petter Arnesen and Håkon Tjelmeland
Fully Bayesian binary Markov random field models: Prior specification and posterior simulation (pdf)
No. 6/2013:
Zeytu Gashaw Asfaw
A simulation study of statistical inference in non-homogeneous Poisson processes with emphasis on frailty and dynamic behavior (pdf)
No. 5/2013:
Xiangping Hu, Ingelin Steinsland, Daniel Simpson, Sara Martino and Håvard Rue
Spatial modelling of temperature and humidity using systems of stochastic partial differential equations (pdf)
No. 4/2013:
Xiangping Hu, Finn Lindgren, Daniel Simpson and Håvard Rue
Multivariate Gaussian random fields with oscillating covariance functions using systems of stochastic partial differential equations (pdf)
No. 3/2013:
Xiangping Hu, Daniel Simpson, Finn Lindgren and Håvard Rue
Multivariate Gaussian random fields using systems of stochastic partial differential equations (pdf)
No. 2/2013:
Xiangping Hu, Daniel Simpson and Håvard Rue
Specifying Gaussian Markov random fields with incomplete orthogonal factorization using Givens rotations (pdf)
No. 1/2013:
Mette Langaas and Øyvind Bakke
Increasing power with the unconditional maximization enumeration test in small samples – a detailed study of the MAX3 test statistic (pdf)


No. 13/2012:
Bo Henry Lindqvist, Stein Aaserud and Jan Terje Kvaløy
Residuals and functional form in accelerated life regression models (pdf)
No. 12/2012:
Debarun Bhattacharjya, Jo Eidsvik and Tapan Mukerji
The value of information in portfolio problems with dependent projects (pdf)
No. 11/2012:
Øyvind Bakke and Mette Langaas
The number of 2×c tables with given margins (pdf)
No. 10/2012:
Thiago G. Martins, Daniel Simpson, Finn Lindgren and Håvard Rue
Bayesian computing with INLA: new features (pdf)
No. 9/2012:
Gabriele Martinelli and Jo Eidsvik
Dynamic exploration designs for graphical models using clustering with applications to petroleum exploration (pdf)
No. 8/2012:
Yu Ryan Yue, Daniel Simpson, Finn Lindgren and Håvard Rue
Bayesian adaptive smoothing spline using stochastic differential equations (pdf)
No. 7/2012:
Erlend Aune and Daniel Simpson
The use of systems of stochastic PDEs as priors for multivariate models with discrete structures (pdf)
No. 6/2012:
Thiago G. Martins and Håvard Rue
Extending INLA to a class of near-Gaussian latent models (pdf)
No. 5/2012:
Erlend Aune, Daniel Simpson and Jo Eidsvik
Parameter estimation in high dimensional Gaussian distributions (pdf)
No. 4/2012:
Rupali Akerkar
Investigating posterior contour probabilities using INLA: A case study on recurrence of bladder tumours (pdf)
No. 3/2012:
Rupali Akerkar, Sara Martino and Håvard Rue
Approximate Bayesian inference for nonhomogeneous Poisson processes with application to survival analysis (pdf)
No. 2/2012:
Jo Eidsvik and Steinar L Ellefmo
The value of information in mineral exploration (pdf)
No. 1/2012:
Håkon Toftaker and Håkon Tjelmeland
Construction of binary multi-grid Markov random field prior models from training images (pdf)


No. 12/2011:
Gabriele Martinelli, Jo Eidsvik and Ragnar Hauge
Dynamic decision making for graphical models applied to oil exploration (pdf)
No. 11/2011:
Haakon Michael Austad and Håkon Tjelmeland
An approximate forward-backward algorithm applied to binary Markov random fields (pdf)
No. 10/2011:
Daniel Simpson, Janine Illian, Finn Lindgren, Sigrunn H. Sørbye and Håvard Rue
Going off grid: Computationally efficient inference for log-Gaussian Cox processes (pdf)
No. 9/2011:
Daniel Simpson, Finn Lindgren and Håvard Rue
Think continuous: Markovian Gaussian models in spatial statistics (pdf)
No. 8/2011:
Arvid Næss and Oleg Gaidai
Prediction of extreme values by the average conditional exceedance rate method (pdf)
No. 7/2011:
Jo Eidsvik, Benjamin A Shaby, Brian J Reich, Matthew Wheeler and Jarad Niemi
Estimation and prediction in spatial models with block composite likelihoods using parallel computing (pdf)
No. 6/2011:
Javad Rezaie and Jo Eidsvik
Shrinked (1−α) ensemble Kalman filter and α particle filter (pdf)
No. 5/2011:
Erlend Aune, Jo Eidsvik and Yvo Pokern
Iterative numerical methods for sampling from high dimensional Gaussian distributions (pdf)
No. 4/2011:
Anna Marie Holand, Ingelin Steinsland, Sara Martino and Henrik Jensen
Animal models and Integrated Nested Laplace Approximations (pdf)
No. 3/2011:
John Tyssedal and Ranveig Niemi
Graphical Aids for the Analysis of Two-level Non-regular Designs (pdf)
No. 2/2011:
John Tyssedal, Murat Kulahci and Søren Bisgaard
Split-plot designs with mirror image pairs as subplot (pdf)
No. 1/2011:
Arvid Næss
A Note on the Bivariate ACER Method (pdf)


No. 17/2010:
Janine B. Illian, Sigrunn H. Sørbye, Håvard Rue and Ditte K. Hendrichsen
Fitting a log Gaussian Cox process with temporally varying effects: a case study (pdf)
No. 16/2010:
Daniel Simpson, Finn Lindgren and Håvard Rue
In order to make spatial statistics computationally feasible, we need to forget about the covariance function (pdf)
No. 15/2010:
Jason Wyse, Nial Friel and Håvard Rue
Approximate simulation free multiple changepoint analysis with Gaussian Markov random field segment models (pdf)
No. 14/2010:
Arvid Næss
Estimation of extreme values of time series with heavy tails (pdf)
No. 13/2010:
Arvid Næss, Eivind Aukrust and Sjur Westgaard
Pricing of barrier options under a NIG market model using numerical path integration (pdf)
No. 12/2010:
Ramiro Ruiz-Cárdenas, Elias T. Krainski and Håvard Rue
Fitting dynamic models using integrated nested Laplace approximations – INLA (pdf)
No. 11/2010:
Hossein Baghishani and Mohsen Mohammadzadeh
Asymptotic normality of posterior distributions for generalized linear mixed models (pdf)
No. 10/2010:
H. Kile and N. G. Ushakov
Calculation of Lp errors of kernel density estimators (pdf)
No. 9/2010:
Jo Eidsvik, Andrew O. Finley, Sudipto Banerjee and Håvard Rue
Approximate Bayesian inference for large spatial datasets using predictive process models (pdf)
No. 8/2010:
Hossein Baghishani, Håvard Rue and Mohsen Mohammadzadeh
On a hybrid data cloning method and its application in generalized linear mixed models (pdf)
No. 7/2010:
Ye Li, Patrick Brown, Håvard Rue, Mustafa al-Maini and Paul Fortin
Spatial modelling of Lupus incidence over 40 years with changes in census areas (pdf)
No. 6/2010:
Janine B. Illian and Håvard Rue
A toolbox for fitting complex spatial point process models using integrated Laplace transformation (INLA) (pdf)
No. 5/2010:
Finn Lindgren, Johan Lindström and Håvard Rue
An explicit link between Gaussian fields and Gaussian Markov random fields: The SPDE approach (pdf)
No. 4/2010:
Sigrunn Holbek Sørbye and Håvard Rue
Simultanous credible bands for latent Gaussian models (pdf)
No. 3/2010:
Sara Martino, Rupali Akerkar and Håvard Rue
Approximate Bayesian Inference for Survival Models (pdf)
No. 2/2010:
Håkon Tjelmeland and Haakon Michael Austad
Exact and approximate recursive calculations for binary Markov random fields defined on graphs (pdf)
No. 1/2010:
Rupali Akerkar, Sara Martino and Håvard Rue
Implementing approximate Bayesian inference for survival analysis using integrated nested Laplace approximations (pdf)


No. 5/2009:
Nikolai Ushakov and Vladimir Ushakov
Some inequalities for the mean integrated squared error of multivariate kernel density estimators (pdf)
No. 4/2009:
Clara-Cecilie Günther, Øyvind Bakke, Håvard Rue, and Mette Langaas
Statistical hypothesis testing for categorical data using enumeration in the presence of nuisance parameters (pdf)
No. 3/2009:
Clara-Cecilie Günther, Øyvind Bakke, and Mette Langaas
Comparing positive predictive values for small samples with application to gene ontology testing (pdf)
No. 2/2009:
Anastasia Ushakova
Statistical analysis of the Vacc-4x and Vacc-5q vaccine immunization studies for HIV-1 infected patients (pdf)
No. 1/2009:
Anastasia Ushakova
A method of parametric solution of convolution equations (pdf)


No. 9/2008:
Clara-Cecilie Günther, Øyvind Bakke, Stian Lydersen and Mette Langaas
Comparison of Predictive Values from Two Diagnostic Tests in Large Samples (pdf)
No. 8/2008:
Sara Martino, Kjersti Aas, Ola Lindqvist, Linda Reiersølmoen Neef and Håvard Rue
Estimating Stochastic Volatility Models Using Integrated Nested Laplace Approximations (pdf)
No. 7/2008:
Turid Follestad, Tommy Jørstad, Mette Langaas, Sten E. Erlandsen, Arne K. Sandvik and Atle M. Bones
A Bayesian hierarchical model for quantitative real-time PCR data (pdf)
No. 6/2008:
Anastasia Ushakova
Estimation methods for HIV dynamics models (pdf)
No. 5/2008:
Hugo Hammer and Marit Ulvmoen
Empirical comparison of two Bayesian lithology–fluid prediction algorithms (pdf)
No. 4/2008:
Hugo Hammer and Håkon Tjelmeland
Approximate forward-backward algorithm for a switching linear Gaussian model – with application to seismic inversion (pdf)
No. 3/2008:
Hugo Hammer and Håkon Tjelmeland
Directional Metropolis–Hastings algorithms on hyperplanes (pdf)
No. 2/2008:
Sara Martino and Håvard Rue
Implementing Approximate Bayesian Inference using Integrated Nested Laplace Approximation: a manual for the inla program (pdf)
No. 1/2008:
Sara Martino
Approximate Bayesian Inference for Multivariate Stochastic Volatility Models (pdf)


No. 8/2007:
Thomas Oksavik and Nikolai Ushakov
Bandwidth Selection for the Fourier Integral Estimator (pdf)
No. 7/2007:
Tatiana Lebedeva and Nikolai Ushakov
Uniformly Consistent Estimators of the Characteristic Function (pdf)
No. 6/2007:
Gunnar Taraldsen and Bo Henry Lindqvist
Conditional Probability Spaces (pdf)
No. 5/2007:
J. V. Deshpande, Isha Dewan and U. V. Naik-Nimbalkar
Two Component Load Sharing Systems with Applications to Biology (pdf)
No. 4/2007:
Gunnar Taraldsen and Bo Henry Lindqvist
Bayes Theorem for Improper Priors (pdf)
No. 3/2007:
Ingrid K. Glad, Nils Lid Hjort and Nikolai Ushakov
Upper bounds for the MISE of Kernel Estimators of Probability Density Functions and their Derivatives (pdf)
No. 2/2007:
Ingrid K. Glad, Nils Lid Hjort and Nikolai Ushakov
Density Estimation Using the Sinc Kernel (pdf)
No. 1/2007:
Håvard Rue, Sara Martino & Nicolas Chopin
Approximate Bayesian Inference for Latent Gaussian Models Using Integrated Nested Laplace Approximations (pdf)


No. 3/2006:
Debarun Bhattacharjya, Jo Eidsvik, and Tapan Mukerji
The Value of Information in Spatial Decision Making (pdf)
No. 2/2006:
Jo Eidsvik, Sara Martino and Håvard Rue
Approximate Bayesian Inference in Spatial Generalized Linear Mixed Models (updated 2006-10-11) (pdf)
No. 1/2006:


No. 10/2005
Ingelin Steinsland and Henrik Jensen
Making Inference from Bayesian Animal Models utilising Gaussian Markov Random Field properties (pdf)
No. 9/2005
Ingelin Steinsland and Håvard Rue
Collapsed Blocks Approximations (pdf)
No. 8/2005
Hugo Hammer and Håkon Tjelmeland
Control variates for the Metropolis-Hastings algorithm (pdf, ps)
No. 7/2005
H. Rue and S. Martino
Approximate Inference for Hierarchical Gaussian Markov Random Fields Models (pdf)
No. 6/2005:
Finn Lindgren & Håvard Rue
A note on the second order random walk model for irregular locations (pdf)
No. 5/2005:
Ole Petter Lødøen and Håkon Tjelmeland
Bayesian calibration of hydrocarbon reservoir models using an approximate reservoir simulator in the prior specification (pdf)
No. 4/2005:
Gunnar Taraldsen & Bo Henry Lindqvist
The Multiple Roots Simulation Algorithm, the Inverse Gaussian Distribution, and the Suffcient Conditional Monte Carlo Method (pdf)
No. 3/2005:
Nial Friel & Håvard Rue
Recursive computing for Markov random fields (pdf)
No. 2/2005:
Hanne T. Wist & Håvard Rue
Specifying a Gaussian Markov random field by a sparse Cholesky triangle (pdf)
No. 1/2005:
Håvard Rue
Marginal Variances for Gaussian Markov Random Fields (pdf)


No. 5/2004:
Håkon Tjelmeland & Jo Eidsvik
Directional Metropolis–Hastings updates for posteriors with nonlinear likelihoods (pdf)
No. 4/2004:
Håkon Tjelmeland
Using all Metropolis–Hastings proposals to estimate mean values (ps.gzpdf)
No. 3/2004:
Hanne T. Wist, Dag Myrhaug, Håvard Rue
Statistical properties of successive wave heights and successive wave periods (ps.gzpdf)
No. 2/2004:
Turid Follestad, Mette Langaas, Håvard Rue, Marit Holden, Anders Løland
glme: a C-program for parameter estimation using Gibbs-sampling in large linear mixed-effects models, with applications to DNA microarray data (ps.gzpdf)


No. 9/2003:
Ayele Taye Goshu & Henning Omre
Experimental Bayesian Inversion (ps.gzpdf)
No. 8/2003:
Ingelin Steinsland & Håvard Rue
Overlapping block proposals for latent Gaussian Markov random fields (ps.gzpdf)
No. 7/2003:
Ingelin Steinsland
Parallel sampling of GMRFs and geostatistical GMRF models (ps.gzpdf)
No. 6/2003:
Jo Eidsvik, Håkon Tjelmeland
On directional Metropolis Hastings algorithms (ps.gzpdf)
No. 5/2003:
Håvard Rue & Turid Follestad
Gaussian Markov Random Field Models With Applications in Spatial Statistics (ps.gzpdf)
No. 4/2003:
Egil Ferkingstad, Mette Langaas& Bo Lindqvist
Estimating the proportion of true null hypotheses, with application to DNA microarray data (withdrawn – a revised version is available)
No. 3/2003:
Turid Follestad & Håvard Rue
Modelling spatial variation in disease risk using Gaussian Markov random field proxies for Gaussian random fields (ps.gzpdf)
No. 2/2003:
Turid Follestad
A Bayesian hierarchical model for the population dynamics of coastal cod (ps.gzpdf)
No. 1/2003:
Håvard Rue, Ingelin Steinsland & Sveinung Erland
Approximating Hidden Gaussian Markov Random Fields (psps.gzpdf)


No. 11/2002:
Bo Henry Lindqvist:
Bounds for the reliability of multistate systems with partially ordered state spaces and stochastically monotone Markov transitions. (ps, pdf))
No. 10/2002:
Helge Langseth and Bo Henry Lindqvist:
A maintenance model for components exposed to several failure mechanisms and imperfect repair (ps, pdf)
No. 9/2002:
Odd Kolbjørnsen:
"Cauchy prior for Bayesian linearized seismic AVO inversion" (ps.gz, pdf)
No. 8/2002:
Odd Kolbjørnsen:
"Case specific uncertainty assessment in cross well tomography" (ps.gz, pdf)
No. 7/2002:
Odd Kolbjørnsen:
"Geostatistical approach to event migration of seismic reflection times" (ps.gz, pdf)
No. 6/2002:
Odd Kolbjørnsen:
"Fundamentals of inverse problems" (ps.gz, pdf)
No. 5/2002:
Håkon Tjelmeland, Jo Eidsvik:
On the use of local optimisations within Metropolis-Hastings (ps, pdf)
No. 4/2002:
Arvid Næss
'The Mean Rate of Level Crossings of a Stochastic Process expressed in terms of a Characteristic Function' .
No. 3/2002:
Jo Eidsvik, Tapan Mukerji, Paul Switzer:
Estimation of Geological Attributes from a North Sea well log : an application of Hidden Markov chains. (ps)
No. 2/2002:
Jo Eidsvik, Tapan Mukerji, Henning Omre, Per Avseth, Gary Mavko:
Seismic reservoir prediction using Bayesian integration of rock physics and Markov random field models. A North Sea example (ps)
No. 1/2002:
Håvard Rue, Turid Follestad:
GMRFLib: a C-library for fast and exact simulation of Gaussian Markov random fields (ps)


No. 18/2001:
Oddvar Husby:
High-level Models in Ultrasound Imaging (ps)
No. 17/2001:
Oddvar Husby, Håvard Rue:
Estimating Blood Vessel Areas in Ultrasound Images Using a Deformable Template Model (ps)
No. 16/2001:
Bo Lindqvist:
On Comparison of the Perron-Frobenius Eigenvalues of Two ML-Matrices (ps)
No. 15/2001:
Oddvar Husby, Ulf Grenander:
A Model for Recognition of 3D Non-Dense Objects in Range Images (ps)
No. 14/2001:
Arvid Næss, P. H. Clausen
Representation of the Response Process of Quadratic Filters Subjected to Gaussian Noise (ps)
No. 13/2001:
Arvid Næss
Representation of the Response Process of Quadratic Filters Subjected to Gaussian Noise (ps)
No. 11/2001:
Arvid Næss
Lecture Notes on the Numerical Solution of Stochastic Di erential Equations by Path Integration Methods (pdf, ps [10 MB], ps.gz)
No. 10/2001:
Bo Lindqvist, Gunnar Taraldsen:
A lemma on conditional Monte Carlo (ps)
No. 9/2001:
Bo Lindqvist, Gunnar Taraldsen:
Monte Carlo Conditioning on a Sufficient Statistic (ps)
No. 8/2001:
Arild Buland, Henning Omre:
Bayesian wavelet estimation from seismic and well data (ps)
No. 7/2001:
Jo Eidsvik, Per Avseth, Henning Omre, Tapan Mukerji, Gary Mavko:
Stochastic Reservoir Characterization Using Pre-stack Seismic Data (ps)
No. 6/2001:
Odd Kolbjørnsen, Henning Omre:
Piecewise Affine Inverse Problems (ps)
No. 5/2001:
Arild Buland, Henning Omre:
Bayesian AVO Inversion (ps)
No. 4/2001:
Hilde G. Borgos, Henning Omre:
Uncertainty in Fault Geometries (ps)
No. 3/2001:
Henning Omre:
Stochastic Reservoir Models Conditioned to Non-linear Production History Observation (ps)
No. 2/2001:
Linda Reiersølmoen, Jan Terje Kvaløy:
Tests for the proportional hazards assumption in the Cox model (ps)
No. 1/2001:
Håkon Tjelmeland, Kjetill Vassmo Lund:
Bayesian modelling of spatial compositional data (ps)


No. 5/2000:
Hilde G. Borgos, Henning Omre and Chris Townsend:
Stochastic model for fault geometry conditioned to seismic data and well observations (ps)
No. 4/2000:
Hilde G. Borgos and Henning Omre:
Sampling algorithm for estimating Bayes factor (ps)
No. 3/2000:
Hilde G. Borgos, Henning Omre and Chris Townsend:
Model choice for fault size distribution (ps)
No. 2/2000:
Håkon Tjelmeland:
An MCMC algorithm for sampling from the posterior conditioned to production history (ps)
No. 1/2000:
Håvard Rue:
Fast Sampling of Gaussian Markov Random Fields with Applications (ps)


No. 22/1999:
Hilde G. Borgos, Patience A. Cowie and Nancye H. Dawers:
Practicalities of extrapolating 1D fault and fracture size-frequency distributions to higher dimensional samples (ps)
No. 21/1999:
Thomas Langø, Torgrim Lie, Oddvar Husby and Jørn Hokland:
Bayesian 2D Deconvolution: Effect of Using Spatially Invariant Ultrasound Point Spread Functions.
Sorry, this is not available online.
No. 20/1999:
Oddvar Husby, Torgrim Lie, Thomas Langø, Jørn Hokland and Håvard Rue:
Bayesian 2D Deconvolution: A Model for Diffuse Ultrasound Scattering (ps)
No. 19/1999:
Georg Elvebakk:
Extending the Use of Some Traditional Trend Tests for Repairable Systems Data by Resampling Techniques (ps)
No. 18/1999:
Georg Elvebakk, Bo Henry Lindqvist and K. Heggland:
The Trend-Renewal Process for Statistical Analysis of Repairable Systems (ps)
No. 17/1999:
Bjørn Kåre Hegstad and Henning Omre:
Uncertainty in Production Forecasts based on Well Observations, Seismic Data and Production History (ps)
No. 16/1999:
Håvard Rue and Håkon Tjelmeland:
Fitting Gaussian Markov Random Fields to Gaussian Fields (ps)
No. 15/1999:
Bo Henry Lindqvist:
Repairable systems with general repair (ps)
No. 14/1999:
Oddgeir Samset and John Tyssedal:
Planning Follow-Up Runs to Screening Experiments (ps)
No. 13/1999:
Arnoldo Frigessi, Jørund Gåsemyr and Håvard Rue:
Antithetic Coupling of Two Gibbs Sampler Chains (ps)
No. 12/1999:
Oddgeir Samset and John Tyssedal:
Two-Level Designs with Good Projection Properties (ps)
No. 11/1999:
Håvard Rue, Arne Marthinsen and Egil G. Husby:
A Divide and Conquer Algorithm for Exact Simulation of General Gaussian Markov Random Fields (ps)
No. 10/1999:
Alfhild Lien Eide, Henning Omre and Bjørn Ursin:
Uncertainty in Seismic Inversion for Reservoir Characterization (ps)
No. 9/1999:
Alfhild Lien Eide and Anne Randi Syversveen:
Marked point model of calcites conditioned to seismic data and well data (ps)
No. 8/1999:
Håvard Rue:
A Fast and Exact Simulation Algorithm for General Gaussian Markov Random Fields (ps)
No. 7/1999:
Jan Terje Kvaløy:
Covariate order tests for covariate effect (ps)
No. 6/1999:
Henning Omre, Håkon Tjelmeland og Hanne T. Wist:
Uncertainty in history matching - model specification and sampling algorithms
Sorry, this is not available online.
No. 5/1999:
Merrilee A. Hurn, Ingelin Steinsland and Håvard Rue:
Parameter estimation for a deformable template model (ps)
No. 4/1999:
Oddgeir Samset:
Identifying Active Factors from Non-Geometric Plackett-Burman Designs and their Half-Fractions (ps)
No. 3/1999:
Jan Terje Kvaløy:
Nonparametric estimation in Cox-models: Time transformation methods versus partial likelihood methods (ps)
No. 2/1999:
Håvard Rue:
A Fast and Exact Simulation Algorithm for General Gaussian Markov Random Fields (ps)
(OLD VERSION - See No. 8/1999)
No. 1/1999:
Håkon Tjelmeland and Bjørn Kåre Hegstad:
Mode jumping proposals in MCMC (ps)


No. 13/1998:
Oddgeir Samset and John Tyssedal:
Repeat and Mirror-Image Patterns and Correlation Structures of Plackett-Burman Designs, their Foldovers and Half-Fractions (ps)
No. 12/1998:
Oddgeir Samset:
Stepwise Regression under Factor Sparsity using a new Stopping Criterion (ps)
No. 11/1998:
Bjørn Kåre Hegstad and Henning Omre:
Reservoir Characterization Integrating Well Observations, Seismic Data and Production History (ps)
No. 10/1998:
Jan Terje Kvaløy and Bo Henry Lindqvist:
The covariate order method for censored exponential regression (ps)
No. 9/1998:
Jo Røyslien:
Random t-distributed Fields (ps)
No. 8/1998:
Håvard Rue and Oddvar K. Husby:
Modern Statistical Methods: A First Introduction (ps)
No. 7/1998:
Arnoldo Frigessi and Håvard Rue:
Antithetic Coupling of Two Gibbs Sampler Chains (ps)
No. 6/1998:
Morten Fismen:
Exact Simulation Using Markov Chains (ps)
No. 5/1998:
Oddgeir Samset and John Tyssedal:
Study of the Box-Meyer Method for Finding Active Factors in Screening Experiments (ps)
No. 4/1998:
Oddgeir Samset:
Some Variable Selection Techniques for Finding Active Factors in Non-Geometric Plackett-Burman Designs (ps)
No. 3/1998:
Anne Randi Syversveen:
Noninformative Bayesian Priors. Interpretation and Problems with Construction and Applications. (ps)
No. 2/1998:
Bo Henry Lindqvist and Henriette Amundrustad:
Markov models for periodically tested components (ps)
No. 1/1998:
Jan Terje Kvaløy:
Tests for trend in more than one repairable system (ps)


No. 14/1997:
Hilde Grude Borgos:
Partitioning of a line segment (ps)
No. 13/1997:
Bo Henry Lindqvist:
Statistical Modeling and Analysis of Repairable Systems (ps)
No. 12/1997:
Alfhild L. Eide:
Stochastic simulation of porosity and acoustic impedance conditioned to seismic data and well data from the Troll field (ps)
No. 11/1997:
Alfhild L. Eide, Bjørn Ursin and Henning Omre:
Stochastic simulation of porosity and acoustic impedance conditioned to seismic data and well data (ps)
No. 10/1997:
Håvard Rue and Øyvind Salvesen:
Predicting Soccer Matches in a League (ps)
No. 9/1997:
Merrilee Hurn, Håvard Rue and Nuala A. Sheehan:
Block updating in constrained Markov chain Monte Carlo sampling (ps)
No. 8/1997:
John Tyssedal and Oddgeir Samset:
Analysis of the 12 run Plackett-Burman design (ps)
No. 7/1997:
Håvard Rue, Chih-Kang Chu, Fred Godtliebsen and James Stephen Marron:
M-smoother with local linear fit (ps)
No. 6/1997:
Håvard Rue and Merrilee Hurn:
Bayesian Object Identification (ps)
No. 5/1997:
Bjørn Kåre Hegstad and Henning Omre:
A Comparison of Rejection Sampling and Metropolis-Hastings algorithm (ps)
No. 4/1997:
Magnar Lillegård:
Generating confidence intervals by stochastic simulations in models with Nuisance parameters
No. 3/1997:
Håvard Rue and Merrilee Hurn:
Loss Functions for Bayesian Image Analysis (ps)
No. 2/1997:
Merrilee Hurn and Håvard Rue:
High-Level Image Priors in Confocal Microscopy Applications (ps)
No. 1/1997:
Håvard Rue and Oddvar Husby:
Identification of Partly Destroyed Objects using Deformable Templates (ps)


No. 12/1996:
Helge Langseth and Bo Henry Lindqvist:
Uncertainty Bounds for a Monotone Multistate System (ps)
No. 11/1996:
Håvard Rue:
Image Restoration with Faithful Residuals (ps)
No. 10/1996:
Alfhild Lien Eide, Henning Omre and Bjørn Ursin:
Stochastic Reservoir Characterization Conditioned on Seismic Data (ps)
No. 9/1996:
Bjørn Kåre Hegstad and Henning Omre:
Uncertainty Assessment in History Matching and Forecasting (ps)
No. 8/1996:
Henning Omre and Håkon Tjelmeland:
Petroleum Geostatistics (ps)
No. 7/1996:
Odd Kolbjørnsen and Henning Omre:
Bayesian Disjunctive Kriging Applied to Prediction of Reservoir Volume (ps)
No. 6/1996:
Anne Randi Syversveen and Henning Omre:
Marked Point Models for Facies Units Conditioned on Well Data (ps)
No. 5/1996:
Håkon Tjelmeland:
Modelling of the Spatial Facies Distribution by Markov Random Fields (ps)
No. 4/1996:
Håvard Rue:
An Introduction to Baddeley's Delta Metric (ps)
No. 3/1996:
Jan Terje Kvaløy and Bo Lindqvist:
An Area Based Test for Trend in Repairable Systems Data (ps)
No. 2/1996:
Anne Randi Syversveen and Håvard Rue:
A Method for Approximate Fully Bayesian Analysis of Parameters (ps)
No. 1/1996:
Håkon Tjelmeland and Julian Besag:
Markov Random Fields with Higher Order Interactions (ps)


No. 9/1995:
Arnljot Høyland:
Statistikkfagets historie i Norge
No. 8/1995:
Håvard Rue and Anne Randi Syversveen:
Bayesian Object Recognition with Baddley's Delta Loss (ps)
No. 7/1995:
Mette Langaas and Geir Jacobsen:
Discrimination and Classification of SGA Births (ps)
No. 6/1995:
Mette Langaas:
Mixture Codebook Classification, Part 2: Model Selection and Method Evaluation (ps)
No. 5/1995:
Arnoldo Frigessi and Håvard Rue:
Bayesian Image Classification with Baddeley's Delta Loss (ps)
No. 4/1995:
Ingrid Glad and Giovanni Sebastiani:
A Bayesian approach to synthetic magnetic resonance imaging
No. 3/1995:
Mette Langaas:
Mixture codebook classification. Part 1: Method outline (ps)
No. 2/1995:
Ragnar Hauge:
Markov chain Monte-Carlo simulation of spatial time series
No. 1/1995:
Mette Langaas:
Discrimination and classification (ps)


No. 6/1994:
Håvard Rue:
An estimator for images with ordered colors (ps)
No. 5/1994:
Anne Randi Syversveen:
Conditional simulation of shales in a sandstone reservoir
No. 4/1994:
Giovanni Sebastiani and Fred Godtliebsen:
Analysis of dynamic magnetic resonance images
No. 3/1994:
Petter Abrahamsen and Henning Omre:
Random functions and geological subsurfaces
No. 2/1994:
Håkon Tjelmeland, Henning Omre and Bjørn Kåre Hegstad:
Sampling from Bayesian models in reservoir characterization
No. 1/1994:
Anne Randi Syversveen and Henning Omre:
Marked point models with complex conditioning used for modelling of shales (ps)


No. 1/1993:
Giovanni Sebastini and Fred Godtliebsen:
Image smoothing based on discontinuity patterns


No. 3/1992:
Jan Bjørnstad and Frode Skjold:
Interval estimation in presense on non response
No. 2/1992:
Jan Bjørnstad:
On the generalization of the likelihood function and the likelihood principle
No. 1/1992:
Helge Blaker and Emil Spjøtvoll:
Preference Functions and Acceptability in Statistical Inference


No. 6/1991:
Jan Bjørnstad:
Predictive likelihood in non-respons problem
No. 5/1991:
Bo Lindqvist:
The minimal Path Upper Bound for the moments of a Random Reliability Function
No. 4/1991:
S. Karlin, B. Lindqvist and Yi-Ching Yao:
Markov Chains on Hyperalves: Spectral Representations and several Majorization Relations
No. 3/1991:
Fred Godtliebsen and Emil Spjøtvoll:
A Gaussian Window Filter in Image Smoothing
No. 2/1991:
Steinar Engen:
Sexual Mixing Models...
No. 1/1991:
Arnljot Høyland and Kjell A. Doksum:
Models for Variable-Stress Accelerated Life Testing Experiments based on Wiener Process and the Inverse Gaussian Distribution


No. 1/1990:
Arnljot Høyland and Liv Høyland:
Statistikkassistert produksjon SAP


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